What do you do when you have the Dude's attitude and Walter's body?  Combine both to become Best Walter at the first LA LebowskiFest, and make it look easy.

    March 2005 Lebowskifest photos and video clips.   Click on a shot to enlarge.   Use browser Back button to return.   Latest update 28 Nov 07.   Doesn't look right with IE?   Try Firefox.   Comments to Walter@diverdan.name. Attached files on first message may cause it to be bounced. Just protecting my privacy.
    Being the Best Cranky Old Walter I can be, and enjoyin' my coffee.     Enjoyin' my coffee...

Bonus video 14 October 2007, until I build the new Fest page. R-click; Save link as... in Firefox; Save target as... in IE.
Scattering Donnie's ashes behind the fence at Sunken City, San Pedro. [6Mb]

    Are you here or otherwise have LA Fest photos to swap, or are press? E-mail me for originals of these and others. Not for most non-participants. I'm too old and tired and busy to bother. No offense to young punks everywhere.

    LA Fest from "So What Else Is News?" on Air America. Click one of the first two to play; or right-click/Save link as... to download and listen later [in Windows].
    Don't think about trying to listen online with dial-up. If you DO have time to wait with dial-up.... Get a job, sir! The bums lost! You don't go out looking for a job dressed like that, do ya? On a weekday?

Air America coverage WAV file [10Mb]
Air America coverage MP3 file [7.2Mb]
Air America coverage zipped WAV file [6Mb]

            SPTimes link.   Video clips as Windows WMV files; save and play with Windows Media Player, or play live with broadband.   If you need a great photographer in the Bay Area, check the Joe Reifer link below.

Jeff Bridges thanks the crowd.[700Kb]
Jeff Bridges sings.[580Kb]
Jeff Bridges does Dylan.[2.7Mb]
Brother Seamus at the CalBowl.[230Kb]

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