Whale sharks of Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
All content on this page from 29 July 2006.
Trip led by Manny Montoro,
Lone Star Scuba, Dallas and Fort Worth.

            Video clips posted at two resolutions; for broadband and for dialup. Of course dialup can download the broadband to watch offline at higher resolution. File size shown for each link. I have even higher resolution files, but they'll fit on a CD or DVD; not here.

            Video clips as Windows WMV files. I suggest View/Video Size/200% in Media Player.

Broadband Windows Video Jaws spoof   [3.3Mb]
Dialup Windows Video Jaws spoof   [500Kb]

Broadband Windows Video Whale Sharks from the boat   [9Mb]
Dialup Windows Video Whale Sharks from the boat   [1.3Mb]

Broadband Windows Video Whale Sharks in the water   [13.7Mb]
Dialup Windows Video Whale Sharks in the water   [2Mb]

And best of all:
Broadband Windows Video Whale Sharks in the water, with endorsement from your President   [13.7Mb]

Oops; 7 September 06 update follows: Click here for some great photos from the trip taken by Daryl Pritchard. That's gone missing. I'll clean all this up 'soon' as I find time.

Click here and the Holbox box for some photos from the trip taken by Daryl Pritchard. A work in progress?

Click here for photos taken by Manny Montoro of Lone Star Scuba, fearless trip leader.

After Daryl's photos, all that's left are some group shots. Daryl doesn't appear in his. He's in the white shirt in the first shot below. Manny's at the head of the table in the same shot.
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Note on the fifth photo below, after Steve Irwin's fatal encounter with a stingray in Oz, which was a freak accident. The odds against that one are less than buying a winning lottery ticket [for millions; $5 payoff doesn't count]. However, one of our trip members DID have an encounter with a whale shark that resulted in an accident as the result of an attack.

This is the wound two days later. However, the attack was by the human, who got too close to the shark and suffered an abrasion wound. So, WARNING! Small children of average size under the age of five or six are in danger of being inhaled by whale sharks accidentally as plankton or small fish, so leave them at home. We'd hate to see a whale shark choke on one of your offspring, resulting in the unfortunate demise of a whale shark. Old extra-sized folks like Manny and me got no worries, mate. Me in the black tee in the second shot.